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Yamaha Road Bike – Types of Road Bikes Available

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Yamaha Road Bike – Types of Road Bikes Available

Yamaha Dealers located around the world offer road bike enthusiasts a wide range of motorcycles that appeal to each and every individual rider. We have outlined four of the many road bikes currently available from Yamaha Dealers below, listing a few distinctive characteristics for each bike.

The Yamaha V-Max
This powerful and reliable V4 engine motorcycle has been designed to provide riders with an unforgettable combination of innovation and acceleration. This motorcycle is powered by the all-new liquid-cooled 4-stroke V4 engine. Four unbeatable features that distinguish this bike from others on the market include:

1. Wicked acceleration feeling, together with strong performance.
2. Individual, precise and sharp handling.
3. A superior chassis with unique bodywork.
4. In compliance with EU3 regulations.

The Yamaha YZF-R1Y
This innovative and exciting motorcycle has been designed with the all-new 998cc engine whose design, feel and make-up has been influenced by Rossi’s championship winning M1, the new high-tech R1 powerplant is very much linked to a Moto GP bike. Unique features of this bike include:

1. An entirely redesigned aluminium Deltabox chassis.
2. Hard-line new styling give the new-generation YZF-R1 a major new look.
3. Sets a new standard for the super-competitive 1000cc supersport category.

The Yamaha YZF-R6 09
This high-rpm engine motorcycle with its application of variable-length intakes has added effect than it does on the R1, improving transitional power features and power feel from mid-range through to 14,500rpm. The unique personality of this bike comes from rigid testing and development undergone by engineers – offering riders remarkable satisfaction when ridden. Further exclusive features of this bike include:

1. Yamaha Chip-Controlled Intake in addition to the Yamaha Chip-Controlled Throttle.
2. New-design piston with a somewhat convex head shape and shallower valve recess.
3. The new crankshaft bearing is wider and stronger.
4. New rigidity and strength balance, further improving the matchless R6 handling.

The YZF-R1X 08
For super-sport performance you can’t go past this Yamaha R1 motorcycle. This bike has astonishing responsiveness that reacts almost telepathically to rider input. The agility and steering precision delivered by this bike really has to be experienced to be believed. A few elite features of this bike include:

1. Yamaha Chip Controlled Throttle which senses a rider’s wrist position & delivers accordingly.
2. Yamaha Chip Controlled Intake – the first electronically controlled & driven variable-intake funnel system ever fitted to a production motorcycle.
3. The R1’s slipper clutch provides stupendous control of engine braking.

There are simply dozens of road bikes available to buy in the marketplace today. Yamaha Dealers can be found worldwide. Locate your local dealer today and check out a road bike for yourself.

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