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Yamaha CRX-330BL Micro Component Receiver CD Player: An In-Depth Review

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Yamaha CRX-330BL Micro Component Receiver CD Player: An In-Depth Review

Compact component systems are becoming more popular nowadays, and who doesn’t love a compact yet useful device? We all want something small enough to fit in most of the extra spaces that we can spare in our appliance-filled homes. If you’re like me who wants to keep his home entertainment system complete and yet leave enough space for some dancing and party activities in the living room, I have the perfect model to introduce to you – the Yamaha CRX-330BL Micro Component Receiver CD Player.


Weighing at 6.8 pounds and having the dimensions of 7.1″ x 4.6″ x 11.9″, it’s less than a foot long in its longest dimension and as light as a baby, which makes it easy to stuff this baby in any extra space in your TV rack or on top of your work desk. The sleek, black finish makes the device a stylish and yet simple addition to the home decor. It blends in easily and you won’t have a hard time fitting it in any room of the house. The additional aluminum front panel with aluminum buttons and the large volume adjustment controller are some more aesthetic as well as functional features of the device.

The buttons are easy enough to operate, and the iPod and USB dock on the top of the device is easy to access. There are no hassles in using this very consumer-friendly machine. Just make sure that you put it on the topmost area or desk so you can easily dock the iPhone or iPod on it, and you wouldn’t have to pull it out of a shelf and set it on the floor or something if you dock the iPod or USB flash drive on it.


It has a simple dot matrix LCD display which only shows the CD track number that’s playing and the length of the track. It also displays the name of artist, song title, and album name of the soundtrack being played when it plays tracks from a USB flash drive. Depending on the format of your device, the LCD display can show the name of the artist and the title of the song being played.


This model is complete if you talk about audio functionality. It has a CD player, a USB port, an iPod dock, a radio tuner, and its sound quality will never fail you. For such a small device, a 40W output power is quite remarkable. It also has a subwoofer out for connecting to a subwoofer and creating even more amazing sound quality and resonance.

The radio has a digital tuning system which lets you save 30 preset stations for easy tuning in and auto scanning. The CD player is as good as it gets with the great sound quality, and almost all formats of CDs are compatible with it, including CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW/R DV, and DVD+R/RW/R DL. From external music sources, it can play MP3 and WMA formatted tracks.

Other Features

The device has its own remote control for easy navigation so you wouldn’t have to stand up every now and then just to change the track number being played or adjust the volume. It’s also compatible with a separate set of speakers if you want to expand the sound scope of the set.


Even if it’s small, it’s a very useful and excellent sound-making machine. The
Yamaha CRX-330BL Micro Component Receiver CD Player is one of the better models of micro component systems, but the only drawback might be the price. For me, though, every penny was worth it, with the satisfaction that I get from using it. It’s definitely a brilliant addition to the home entertainment system.

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