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The Sevylor Fish Hunter – Why This Is A Great Inflatable Boat and Tips for Buying One

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The Sevylor Fish Hunter – Why This Is A Great Inflatable Boat and Tips for Buying One

This article discusses the advantages of inflatable fishing boats over non-inflatables and reviews the Sevylor Fish Hunter to help you decide if this is the right boat for you. There are some useful tips and information on what accessories work best for this boat and where you can get the best deal online.

Three Advantages of Inflatable Boats

1) Owners of inflatable boats agree that they make very good fishing boats. One major advantage of non-inflatables such as aluminum boats is that inflatables can be stored just about anywhere. They are easily folded up and stored in a closet or other area of your home. You don’t need a driveway or backyard so so an inflatable is a great boat for city dwellers, or people with summer house shares, who want to own a boat, but have no place to keep one.

2) Another key advantage is that they are very easy to transport. You don’t need a trailer – just put them in your car and go. This is a real advantage if you are already towing a camper and want to take a boat on your vacation, too.

3) Inflatables are also excellent value for money. A good quality inflatable is just a fraction of the price of a good non-inflatable.

The Sevylor Fish Hunter – A Really Good Fishing Boat!

Sevylor designed the Fish Hunter especially for people who love to fish. You can fish all day in a Fish Hunter. They have comfortable seats and plenty of room for fishing gear. They are very stable on the water and will hold uneven loads so there is no problem having more than one person in the boat. Dogs are also not a problem making this boat a good option for water fowl hunters. It is a popular duck hunting boat.

There are three sizes of this boat. The Sevylor Fish Hunter 360 is 12′ long and holds 2-3 adults and fishing gear comfortably. This boat is sold as a 6 person boat. This is true in terms of the weight it will hold, however, it doesn’t have the space for 6 people even without fishing gear. The Sevylor Fish Hunter 280 is 9’2″ long and will hold 2 people comfortably. It may be a squeeze with gear so most people buy the 360. The Sevylor Fish Hunter 250 is 8′ long and there is room for 1 person with gear.

All of Sevylor’s inflatable boats are guaranteed not to leak. They are made of heavy-duty-32-gauge PVC and will hold up to pokes and scrapes from hooks and fish and even big dogs’ toe nails. No inflatable is perfect so when a puncture does happen, the Fish Hunter has 5 air chambers – if one goes, you have 4 left to get you back to shore.

Sevylor Fish Hunter reviews often talk about how ideal this boat is for fishing where large boats aren’t allowed or are too big to get to, and this is absolutely true. If you want to find that secret honey pot in a hard to get place, this boat is for you.

The Sevylor Fish Hunter Features:

– 32-gauge PVC

– 5 air chambers including

– 2 tunnel chambers for lateral stability

– 2 inflatable seats

– 2 fishing rod holders

– Chafing pads and bag for gear

– 4 swivel oarlocks (you must buy oars separately)

Sevylor Fish Hunter Accessories and Tips:

– For longer boat trips buy a small motor. You can use an electric motor or a 2.5 HP motor. Try the Sevylor 12V Electric Trolling Motor and Sevylor Rechargeable 12V Battery. If you prefer the 2.5 HP, you will need to get the optional Sevylor Motor Mount.

– You will need to buy oars if you don’t have any already. A 59″ oar is a good size for this boat.

– Get a dual action air pump – Coleman makes a good one that is inexpensive. You will need this even if you use an electric pump. Electric pumps won’t get an inflatable boat this size rigid enough. Make your life easier and use an electric pump to inflate and then just top off with the hand pump. Sevylor and Coleman make good 12v pumps.

– Buy a camo boat boot for added protection against punctures. This is a great investment. Your boat will last a lot longer.

– Some people like to use an anchor. Try the Kwik Tek A-2 Grapnel Anchor.

– Buy a big duffel bag to store it in because it’s hard to get it back in the box.

– Finally, always boat with a life vest and keep some duct tape (duck tape) in your gear bag. It’s great for patching a small puncture or leak.

If you think an inflatable boat is the right boat for you and you love to fish, the Sevylor Fish Hunter is a great choice.

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