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Staying Dry While Enjoying the Water – Cranberry Creek Canoes

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Staying Dry While Enjoying the Water – Cranberry Creek Canoes

The folks at Cranberry Creek have been building canoes for more than 40 years, and it’s not hard to think why they have lasted so long in the business – they produce canoes that are made not to tip over, which makes their company equally stable. People who buy Cranberry Creek Canoes are sure to stay dry while canoeing (unless of course if it rains or they splash each other), because the boat is made to stay up. In addition to that, Cranberry Creek Canoes promise to give everything one wants with a canoe such as its smooth ride, light and durable makeup, ease of handling, and abundance of legroom. Truly, it is a name one can trust.

How Cranberry Creek Canoes Came to Be

Cranberry Creek was founded by Marvin Belknap, who had sport shop that rented conventional canoes to its customers. The business was running smoothly but ordinary people new to canoeing found a hard time using the boats. They tip over and end up not enjoying their experience. Marvin went to his drawing board and designed a canoe with stability being his main concern. The engineer in him came up with a canoe that would redefine the art of canoeing in ways that were just unimaginable 40 years ago.

What Makes Cranberry Canoes Stable

The creative mind of Cranberry Canoes’ founder produced an innovative, yet simple boat design. Ordinary canoes are usually narrow, and long, but Marvin thought that could lead to disastrous results. That’s why Cranberry Canoes are shorter than the usual and rather wider at the center. Another unique feature of Cranberry Canoes is its hull that is pronounced and triangular, with the gunwales narrowed, and the bottom flattened and widened. This has been proven to provide the optimum stability. These features might not be typical of canoe design, but they do provide the needed stability. Tipping over would be a difficult thing to do, if not an impossibility.

Cranberry Canoe Line

Cranberry Canoes prides itself of having several models of canoes all bearing its High Performance Dry Performance (HPDP) standard. Here are some of them:

The Marshlander – This is simply the most popular Cranberry Canoe. This features the Topwater Square Stern that keeps the transom at the highest position possible above the waterline. This allows the boat to travel in both directions. This boat is very popular among fishermen as well as water fowlers.

The Backwater – this mini version of the Marshlander is only 41 pounds heavy. It is perfect for fishing or duck hunting all day.

The Paddler – this is the classic Cranberry Canoe design, and still remains to be a stable model in the line. This light 55-pound boat can carry up to 750 pounds without tipping over. It provides a lot of legroom with its length of 12 ft 9 in, there’s even enough room for camping and fishing gear. Whether paddled or rowed, this boat gives a great ride.

The Frontier – this is a shorter variant of the classic Paddler. Shorter also means lighter, and this very sturdy boat weighs only 36 pounds. This is the perfect canoe for the solo paddler as it can easily be transported to reach practically any part of the waters.

The Row Troller – this canoe is stable and made sturdier with 110 pounds of weight. The added weight also translates into added space and this is best for those who are serious about their craft whether fishing or fowling.

Cranberry Canoes are truly remarkable boats. They provide the best enjoyment in the water, without needing to go into it. Stability is the key, and the folks at Cranberry Canoes know this very well.

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