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RV Awnings – Before Girard There Was Zip-Dee

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RV Awnings – Before Girard There Was Zip-Dee

In recent articles about RV Awnings I have talked about Carefree of Colorado, Dometic by A&E Systems, Girard Systems Awnings… I’ve talked about personal experiences with these awnings from Junction City, OR. To Brunswick, ME.

I felt that I should mention Zip-Dee Awnings as well.

Before Girard… Zip-Dee awnings were the leader elite in RV application awnings. The Airstream trailers were all equipped with Zip-Dee. So being an expensive and very high-end product it only made since to use the most elite awning in the business.

The operation of these awnings was absolutely unique to their style. It was a challenge but very gratifying when you could show someone else how to correctly and effectively operate this unique style of awning.

These awnings, like Girard awnings, were extremely durable and in the day when there was no such thing as automatic, retractable awnings… the Zip-Dee took the punishment of the wind like none other. They were very tough.

They had no struts to give to the wind. They had no retractable feature. And they were not an awning you could put away quickly to dodge the wind. They were just Tough!

Only the highest end and most expensive products would utilize the this type of awnings. As mentioned above, Airstream – – – but also every Prevost Bus Converter would mount these awnings on the most expensive Bus in the business.

Nowadays – – – these awnings are a very modern and technically advanced, durable and rugged awning that will take the wind and heat. They are probably the most custom fitting awning that is being offered today. They fit an RV like a glove. I think they have the best look of all the awnings you could choose from.

They have an extremely Low maintenance fabric..you don’t have to do anything to it except spray it off every now and then. The colors are bright and vibrant and they are just gorgeous to the eye.

The hardware used is the strongest in the business. Incident with hardware is low to nil.

One problem you do not want with an rv is a leak issue. Every time you drill a hole into an rv you open up an avenue for water to get in and cause problems. Zip-Dee uses a leak resistant slatted aluminum cover to greatly reduce the chance of leakage developing.

They manufacture a series of six or so window awnings that I believe are sized better than most of its competitors and shaped to make a sharper and more custom fit to the side of any RV whether it be travel trailer, fifth wheel or motor home.

The thing I like most about Zip-Dee is that they are a very warm and personal company. You don’t have to go through a b-zillion prompts on a telephone answering system to talk to a warm-blooded human being. They are wonderful people who Really, Really CARE about YOU!


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Happy Trails…

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