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Motorcycle Riding Tips For A Safe Riding Experience

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Motorcycle Riding Tips For A Safe Riding Experience

Considered one among the most dangerous of road transport is motorcycle riding. A lot of roadblocks and risks are involved with riding a motorcycle. Out of the hazards some are riskier than others. The following are considered the most common reasons for accidents that happen on riding a motorcycle and by being aware you would easily be able to avoid them.


Bikers love the countryside and long drives on a windy day give them a thrill. The never-ending corners invite you urging you to lean on it and it’s no problem to do so only if you are riding at a steady pace. You are better off overestimating the sharpness of turns and can speed up as the bend appears instead of speeding up into a turn and slowing down sharply in order to complete the turn when it appears. You will be offered clues which indicate the sharpness but unless you notice you are at a loss. The tree lines, telegraph poles and marking on the roads always give you an indication of the turns to come.

Road surfaces that is uneven

The road surface plays a very important role when it comes to riding a motorcycle. By paying proper attention to road surfaces many accidents can be avoided. During the winter it is a common sight to find potholes everywhere. These potholes may also be accompanied with manhole covers, loose surfaces, petrol, oil leaks and markings. All these make the surface uneven and risky to ride on.

Taking appropriate measures can help prevent accidents due to uneven surfaces. Checking the tyres for reduced air, checking the depth of threads to ensure you stay within limits allowed, changing tyres if thread is bare are all measures that can be taken. It would be easier to change the tyre of your motorcycle than to have a claim raised in order to be compensated for injuries and damage caused by an accident.

It is also advisable to lower your speed when you are new to the roads. On driving slow you would be able to think better and react to situations that may happen while riding.

A shunt

These are accidents involving other vehicles and may or may not be caused because of your negligence. Whatever the issue you can avoid these kinds of accidents in a number of ways. Avoid moving close to vehicles driving in front of you. When you are at a safe distance you will have the necessary time to act on if anything drastic happens. In case the vehicle behind is close then you need to have room in front so that you can be safe.

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