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Havelock Island: Why Is It a Place for Couples To Visit in March?

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Havelock Island: Why Is It a Place for Couples To Visit in March?

Located in lowest portion of Indian geographical map, Havelock Island fits as one of the perfect romantic destinations in India which is apt for every couples those who are planning their next honeymoon trip. Most of the travellers find Havelock Island in Andaman as their ultimate paradise to spend a week or few days in serenity. Some honeymooners find it one of the best romantic places to visit in India in March for spending few days in calmness.

Ferries are your best buddies for hanging around
With deep blue turquoise waters on all side, ferries are the ‘most dependable minion’ for every couples to hang around in Havelock Island.

It a traveller is a first timer then ferry service is one reliable option that one might get for exploring the nearby islands close to Havelock. Both government and privately operated ferry services are available in Havelock for maintaining a congenial frequency of ferries to make sure that the tourists can have an access to any such service whenever they want.

Catamaran ferry suit best for honeymooners
Though there are both private and government operated ferries available from Havelock Island for a local sightseeing tour, but they have certain limitations. But who wants to be in hurry especially when someone is accompanied with his or her date? That’s why, catamaran ferry service might go for the honeymooners who come to visit Havelock during March in India. The rate of these ferries being fairly high than the economic ferries, there are various amenities provided inside for every cosy couples to enjoy their romantic holiday trip. Apart from TV, and other internal amenities, there are leather cushions inside so that the passengers might enjoy the ecstasy of a luxurious cruise ride.

If the person got some convincing skill then probably there might be a champagne lunch, or a multi continental buffet lunch available for making a couple’s day out more adorable, just on paying a bit extra.

Majestic luxury Cruise facility available too…
Cruises operate in Andaman Islands that bridges Port Blair, Havelock and Neil Island. To book one such cruise online booking system is also available for getting an access to a majestic cruise ride.

Every couples on a romantic holiday trip dream to be like another ‘Jack’ and ‘Rose’ standing close to one another in the famous Hollywood movie ‘Titanic’ at the highest end of the star deck. Well they are no exception when a traveller choose one such majestic cruise service while spending time with one another.

Road transport is equally convenient in Havelock
Exploring Andaman by roadways may not be as eye soothing and eternal as enjoying a ferry ride with partner, but it is a unique experience for a romantic bike ride for every couple if they have plans to visit a charming quixotic destination like Havelock Island in India during March.

Motorcycle rides are easy and economic
Since petrol is cheap here, all one need is to rent a bike or a scooter which won’t claim more than 400/- to 500/- INR depending upon the time for which they are hiring it. Petrol is available for 100/-INR per litre. Along with a compass and a route map all that the couple need to do is set out for a day long trip. The true essence of romance is felt when both of the partners set out for a long motorbike road trip for the day.

Private Taxi facility is a smart choice too
Both A/C and non A/C taxis are available for hire. That’s why some of the tourists prefer these facilities. Though the charges are comparatively higher than motorbike rental ride facility, but they are a good option for enjoying a holiday when the lover partners are on a holiday date.

Sky seems closer when air route is open for exploring Havelock
Nothing can be more enthusiastic than partners holding each other’s hands and both are sitting close to the pilot seeing the magnificent view of the turquoise blue waters far above from the sky. That sounds tempting, because memories like this become only once in a lifetime where both the partners witness the setting sun in the huge horizon and the relentless noise of the Pawan Hans helicopter blades are slicing up the sea winds from a high altitude.

Amphibious sea planes are also a part of the choice
Recently amphibious sea planes are also used to offer a local sightseeing for the tourists coming to Havelock Island to visit in March. Though the weather condition is one important factor for such rides. Sometimes weather condition becomes a factor to halt such rides.

If it is about planning a trip to travel destination during March, Havelock Island’s name must be on the top of the travel catalogue to visit during March in India.

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