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Fishing Pontoon Boats

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Fishing Pontoon Boats

When most people think of pontoon boats they think of “party barges” or a tradition pontoon boat that large families tend to have, but the truth is that these types of boats just aren’t that suited for many types of fishing. The aren’t very maneuverable, tend to be quite cumbersome, and simply don’t lend themselves to fishing in most instances.

In this article I will explore a much better boat choice for fishermen, fishing pontoon boats that are lightweight, extremely maneuverable, and generally a much better watercraft choice when it comes to fishing. Not only this, but the pontoon boats that will be outlined below are a fraction of the cost of their higher priced cousins that were previously mentioned.

The types of fishing boats that I am referring to can also be called inflatable pontoon boats and are a great watercraft option for any fisherman who want to save some money, while still having the ability to use a boat to access the most opportune looking fishing area’s. All of these boats are lightweight, extremely easy to set up, very maneuverable on the water, and are all perfect for fishing.

  1. NRS GigBob – This unique, frameless, personal pontoon is one of the best fishing pontoon boats that money can buy. The proprietary construction lets you put 4-6 pounds per square inch of air pressure into the multiple air chambers, for a stiff, very solid rigidity that allows you (the angler) to sit high above the water while fishing. When it comes to these types of boats for fishing, the GigBob is one of the best options available.
  2. SeaEagle Frameless Pontoon – This ultra-portable boat weighs just 42 lbs., packs in a small bag and can be rowed forward or backwards. The optional motor mount accepts an electric motor or up to 3 hp gas engine for easy motoring if you so choose, and the optional swivel seat allows the fisherman to sit even higher above the boat while maneuvering and fishing. It also comes with a wooden floorboard that provides the fisherman with a platform to stand up and cast, making it the perfect “mini boat” for fishing.

The bottom line is that fishing pontoon boats aren’t necessarily the monstrosities that many people tend to think, and can actually be extremely useful and easy to use fishing machines. If you have never considered having an inflatable pontoon boat in your fishing arsenal, you should probably take a look at one of these unique boats sooner rather than later.

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