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Different Types of Tyre Changers Available

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Different Types of Tyre Changers Available

Tyre changers are absolutely vital to being able to change a modern car tyre. Nearly every car, body, oil, and tyre shop has one type of model or another. Many car owners rely on these machines to make sure their expensive rims aren’t damaged while the wheel is being serviced. There are several different types of such changers.

Semiautomatic Tyre Changer

The semiautomatic changer is an affordable alternative to the fully automatic version. We’ll discuss the automatic model in a moment. The semi-auto changer takes a little more hands-on experience to operate than the automatic. The majority of these styles of equipment come with a tilting arm and a 20″ wheelbase to support changing up to a 20″ wheel. Other wider versions for the larger wheel bases are available for slightly more than the standard 20″.

Most of this advanced tyre changing equipment combines the tilting column effect with a turntable that’s only 665 mm off the ground, making the process easier and more efficient than with past models. The semiautomatic version is ideal for mounting and dismounting any car, van, or motorcycle wheel.

Automatic Tyre Changer

The automatic model is by far one of the fastest and most efficient means for changing a wheel in any shop. Many automatic changers are utilized in changing wheels that are up to 24″ in size. The sheer size and weight of the rim makes using semiautomatic equipment too dangerous, not to mention slow.

The tilt column is pneumatically controlled and requires much less manual labor. Changers with this size often have a wheel bead breaking unit, reinforced structure to take the extra strain and weight of the heavier wheels and rims, and a fully automatic turntable to make things go much smoother and faster. All the mechanic has to do is set the machine and keep their fingers safe! These automatic changers are great for changing SUV, large car, and truck wheels.

The Newest Tyre Changers

I wouldn’t make a heading just for “new” machines like this if it wasn’t needed. There is a new strain of Tyre Changer making its way to the world markets. It is revolutionizing the features, gadgets, and looks of the standard auto or semi-auto tyre changing machine options; the Corghi-Artiglio 500, to be exact. This specific model is leading the edge in quality, speed, and safety for this niche.

It’s one of the few models that come with dual bead breaker discs to make mounting and dismounting of the wheel twice as quick. This model also sports a newly designed dismounting system and improved clamping support to ensure there’s no slippage of any kind.

At the end of the day there are many different types of tyre changing equipment you can choose from. Deciding on your budget, and which is the most efficient type, is all up to you and your business plan. If you can’t afford the best, then the semiautomatic version may be the choice you want to make.

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