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Deciding Between Mopeds and Scooters

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Deciding Between Mopeds and Scooters

If you are planning to get a transportation vehicle which does not require that much gas, one of your biggest options is to consider mopeds and scooters. Aside from the fact that they are becoming more and more popular as an alternative answer to increasing gas prices, they also do not do any harm to the environment as compared to cars. Most people though may not be aware that these two vehicles are not similar to one another. This is because they think of such vehicles as nontraditional ways of transportation. What makes these two vehicles different will be discussed in this article.

Normally, mopeds are machines which have been built with a bicycle in mind. Simply put, they are just like a bike that has a motor attached to it so that you no longer need to pedal. It also helps you get a faster speed as compared to pedaling alone. But even though they have a motor, they still have pedals and still look like bicycles. However, this vehicle type is powered with a gas engine. Even though many people have opted for electric engines instead of gas, mopeds are capable of traveling to about 220 miles on just a single full tank of gas. The small engine attached to the moped are normally only supposed to help pedaling but they do not go too fast. There are even some states which have different restrictions for mopeds to exceed the speed of 40 mph.

As compared to motorcycles, scooters are less powerful than them but are a step up from mopeds. Scooters are capable of carrying two passengers and have a storage space which enables riders to be able to transport groceries. Nowadays, there are two options available for scooters. They are now available in gas or electric. Although electric scooters are less noisier and have lower environmental effect, the gas versions are faster and are allowed to go on highways.

Such vehicles have been based on the displacement size of their engines, the 50, 150, 250 or even more ccs. Normally, the 50cc can reach up to 30 mph while the 150cc can reach a speed of 50-60 mph. Scooters with more than 250cc engines have been designed for longer trips and driving in freeway. They have a speed minimum of 70 mph.

The two above mentioned vehicles are a great option if you are planning to purchase a transportation vehicle. Along with them, you have several benefits if you choose to buy them. They can help you avoid traffic jams since you can easily maneuver the vehicle and you do not have to worry about parking or even the high parking fees that come along with it. In addition, more and more condominiums are being developed closer to the center of town. This means that if you have either of these two vehicles, you can easily get to your destination. The only decision then lies on where you are more interested in among mopeds and scooters.

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