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CarMax Looks at Car Buying From the Consumer’s Viewpoint

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CarMax Looks at Car Buying From the Consumer’s Viewpoint

CarMax is a unique auto dealership that works hard to make sure car shopping is easier for every customer. Their main goal is to provide a hassle-free shopping experience with a guarantee that each vehicle offers excellent quality. As part of their push to make customers feel more comfortable, each CarMax location considers the general vehicle demographics in the cities and states where they are located. The dealerships can cater their inventory to meet the real needs of the shoppers in different parts of the country.

Inventory Based on Average Customer

Drivers in different geographical locations have different vehicle needs. CarMax has recognized this and tailored each dealership to carry the most popular vehicle styles in each region. A CarMax dealership in the middle of Texas ranch country will carry a wider selection of pickup trucks. CarMax dealerships in Minnesota will stock a larger inventory of 4-wheel drive vehicles that can handle the winter snows. Dealerships in suburban areas will be sure to stock more mini-vans or SUVs that are better suited to carrying large families around town. This targeted inventory system makes it easier for customers to find the cars they need every time they visit a dealership.

AutoCheck on All Vehicles

CarMax guarantees the clean history of each vehicle that they sell. They use AutoCheck vehicle history reports as a fool-proof way to prove that the car or truck has not been involved in a serious accident. AutoCheck also provides information about the maintenance history of each vehicle. With AutoCheck, CarMax can avoid purchasing vehicles that have a tendency to break down. They can feel confident that the cars they sell have been well taken care of by previous owners. Customers can also read through the AutoCheck report to learn more about the history of the vehicle they are purchasing. Compared to other vehicle history reports, AutoCheck is must easier for consumers to read. It’s just one more way that CarMax makes car buying easier.

Motivated to Help Customers Find Appropriate Vehicles

Since the CarMax employees are paid the same commission rate for every car they sell, they have no incentive to try to push buyers toward more expensive vehicles. The salespeople are more motivated to help a customer find the vehicle that he or she really needs without any concern for the value of the vehicle. CarMax employees are also unable to change the price of any car, so negotiation is not necessary when purchasing a CarMax vehicle. The CarMax model has created one of the easiest ways to shop for a new car with complete confidence.

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