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All You Would Want to Know About the Honda CR 80

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All You Would Want to Know About the Honda CR 80

If you have been out shopping for a motorcycle, and have started considering buying a Honda CR 80, then you could find yourself looking to get more information about it, in order to make ‘an informed decision.’

In spite of the fact that Honda stopped the production of the Honda CR 80 recently (alongside the whole Honda CR series), many of its last specimen are still being sold in various motorcycle stores; where they are quite a hit. Used motorcycles of this variety too, are to be found on sale in various stores that deal in second hand motorcycles, as well as on various online auctions. Generally, if you want to get a Honda CR 80, there are so many places you can procure it, the fact that its production has been discontinued notwithstanding.

Now as you consider buying the Honda CR 80, there are a number of things you could want to know.

For instance, you may want to know what you will be getting, in terms of speed. Well, the maximum speeds that Honda CR 80 gives range between 70 and 80 miles per hour, which makes it one of the fastest (yet affordable) machines in the name of a motorcycle.

You may also want to know what the specifications of the Honda-CR 80 are, in terms of transmission. Here, you may be amazed to learn that the Honda CR 80, a machine first created in 1980, actually comes with a six (and not five) speed gear transmission. Even among the so-called ‘modern’ motorcycles, you are sure to find many that are yet to match this specification – most being yet five-speed gear affairs, even to this day.

If you are a ‘comfort-conscious’ rider, you may also want to know what accessories the Honda CR 80 comes with. Here you will be glad to know that this is a motorcycle that comes with a true front and rear suspension, and is equipped with the considerably efficient single-disk based brakes.

If you live in a part of the world where fueling stations tend to be far between, you may want to know what fuel capacity the Honda-CR 80 comes with. In this regard, you would have to put up with a modest 1.4 gallons. Not too high a number you would say, but then again, enough to move you from town A to B and back to town A in most cases.

If you care about the mechanical fundamentals in machines, you could find yourself wanting to know what type of a machine the Honda-CR 80 is. As it turns out, this a two stroke machine.

You may also want to express an interest in knowing how ‘cooling’ is handled in the Honda CR 80, especially if your previous machine was written off due to overheating. In this regard, you may find some reassurance on learning that the Honda-CR 80 comes equipped with a liquid cooling system, quite a sturdy one, you would say – giving out as it does, a displacement of some 83 cc.

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