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A Van Bulkhead Is a Work Vehicle Essential

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A Van Bulkhead Is a Work Vehicle Essential

Upfitting your work van? You need a van bulkhead. Cargo Van Bulkheads are very useful for small business owners, and make work vehicles more efficient and organized. Every business owner knows how important organization can be for efficiency, and any piece of equipment that can create a more organized work vehicle is worth the money!

What is a Bulkhead?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “Bulkhead”, it is a wall-like structure, made from various materials such as wire or steel, located behind the seats of your work vehicle.

Why do I need a bulkhead in my cargo van?

A bulkhead provides safety as well as organization. A bulkhead separates the driver and the cargo, protecting the driver from shifting cargo. Your work tools are secured in the back of your van, enhancing your safety as you drive from one job site to another.

What types of bulkheads are there?

There are an enormous selection of cargo van bulkheads, for all different types of vehicles.
Some work vehicles that benefit from a bulkhead include:

  • GM FSV
  • Ford FSV
  • Transit Connect
  • Nissan NV
  • Sprinter Van
  • HHR
  • RAM CV

Each bulkhead is designed for a specific vehicle, ensuring the correct fit.

How do I choose the correct partition for my vehicle?

With such a large selection of cargo van bulkheads, it can seem overwhelming to choose the correct one for your commercial van.

First, sort bulkheads by vehicle. The van listed above are all unique, with different uses and design features. Van bulkheads are created for each vehicle specifically, and offer a ton of choice so you get exactly what you want.

It is best to determine which features are most important to you when choosing a cargo van bulkhead. Check out our quick checklist of features to find your perfect cargo van partition:

  • Pass through access: Choose between a solid cargo van bulkhead or one with a locking, hinged door.
  • Visibility: Perforated panels add visibility. If you require a lot of visibility, a wire bulkhead is best for you and are available for some vehicles.
  • Driver Comfort: Choose the extended wing kit for extra leg room in the cab (reduces cargo area.)
  • Organization: Select the appropriate bulkhead accessories that mount directly on the bulkhead for easy access.

To find the correct bulkhead for your vehicle, contact a cargo van bulkhead manufacturer to learn which bulkhead is right for your specific vehicle and price range.

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