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4.5 Tips to Sell Your RV, Camper, or 5th-Wheel for All (or More) Than It’s Worth

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4.5 Tips to Sell Your RV, Camper, or 5th-Wheel for All (or More) Than It’s Worth

Your RV served you well for a long time, and now you’ve decided to move up to another or you are looking to move out of the RV lifestyle for a little while. No matter what your reasons, you want to get the most out of your Rv, Camper, Travel Trailer, of Fifth Wheel when it sells.

There are a few quick and painless things you can do in a weekend to make sure you get all the money you deserve out of your RV. If you take a couple of stress-free days to prepare your recreational vehicle for sale, you are likely to sell it faster, for more, and with less headaches (or heartaches).

Now that you see the value of doing a bit of preparation, I’ll share with you the 4.5 Tips that will give you the most bang for your buck:

1. Get a good starting price:

I know this sounds obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many people don’t have a good guess at the value of their RV, camper, pop-up, travel trailer, 5th-Wheel, or camper van. Finding the value can be as easy as looking at the Kelley Blue Book value or calling a local RV dealer. Do your research and you’ll save time haggling.

2. Get Exposure:

The more people know your RV is for sale, the more bidders you are going to have bidding up the price. I suggest listing your RV for sale on Craigslist in your local city. (Craigslist is a free classifieds website… Google it and you’ll find it). Also, it’s great to list in the newspaper. Last but not least, eBay is a very popular listing place, but make sure to mention that you are looking to sell outside of the website too so you aren’t roped into selling it to the highest bidder if you sell it beforehand.

3. Clean Your RV Better Than You’ve Ever Cleaned It Before:

Often, the most qualified buyers (the one’s with your whole asking price in an envelope in their glove compartment) are the most knowledgeable. You are going to need every crook and cranny sparking if you want these people to trust you and your maintenance.

I suggest to everyone selling an RV to get a good series of checklists to ensure they prepare their RV for sale completely and correctly. The few dollars spent on a checklist book will be repaid a hundred times over in the sale. Here is a review of my favorite checklist book ever.

4. Look at Your Rv Like a Buyer Would:

This point goes with the point above too. You really need to look at your RV like a buyer would. You need to get into their mindset and realize that they are forking out money with no warranty- just your word. You’re best bet is going to be to quell their worries and fears by bringing up any issues you have had- and better yet- issues you have NOT had.

One very popular ebook out there on how to Buy a Used RV is reviewed here. Your buyer may very well show up on inspection day with this in his hands, and you’d be better off knowing what he or she is going to be looking for.

4.5 Tell Great Stories:

As the salesperson of your RV, it is a great idea to tell compelling stories about your RV life. It is emotions that sell, so make sure to be personal and let the buyer know how much fun they are going to be having.

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